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This service is offered through our partner Crossbridge:
Logo Crossbridge, a parter off Become A Trainee

Crossbridge is your beacon towards your first job. During an intense 2-day coaching session you will receive tons of useful tips and techniques from us that will prepare you 100% for your first job.

After an in-dept interview we will have a clear overview of your ambitions and capabilities. If there's a match between your profile and one of our clients, we will even introduce you to them directly!

But you won't be on your own after this. If you sign a contract with one of our clients after the 2 day coaching session, we will stay by your side to guide you during the first year after the training.

This way you’ll take off your career with the right knowledge, skills and support!

Package 1: Get to know yourself

A 1-day session that will answer questions like "who am I and what is driving me?".
You will identify your core values and interests. Based upon a coaching and self-management workshop, you will:
  • Get a clear picture of the career that suits you best
  • Choose your first job wisely
  • Be given the pillars to build your career further on

Package 2: Get to know the job market

A 1-day session that will give you a solid view on what employers really want, which skills and values they seek etc.
Depending on the kind of company that suits your profile and needs, you will learn how to apply for jobs in those companies. We will talk about career evolution paths, different corporate cultures & structures and "do's and don'ts" when applying for a job.
During this practical workshops you will learn:
  • How to stand your ground and leave your mark
  • How to improve your interview skills
  • Put practical feedback to good use

Package 3 (1+2): Get the perfect fit

This intense 2-day coaching programme is the perfect recipe for finding a job that is right for you, in a company that will allow you to grow on a professional and personal level.
It combines the above 2 training sessions + you will even get the chance to 'meet 'n lunch' with business managers, an informal and personal way of jobdating with our clients.
Tip: become fan of Crossbridge on Facebook (click here) and see testimonials, pictures and videos of our training sessions.


For more information on the different sessions (content, dates, subscribing) we recommend to have a look at Crossbridge's website.
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