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What is een traineeship / Young graduate program?

The term young talent programme or management traineeship is commonly used nowadays. Many companies use it to 'decorate' regular jobs and make them more appealing to graduates. However, to classify as a young talent program (traineeship) we set some requirements that need to be fulfilled by the offered position. Those requirements are:

  • Objective: Companies organize young talent programmes to attract and retain talent. The high potentials that they attract must be developed into top managers or experts in a certain domain (for example "Sales & Marketing"). Someone with a future strategic or managerial role in the company.
  • Work and Learn: a young talent program is a combination of working and learning. The working part is a real job with accountabilities and cannot be confused with an internship. The learning part is a structured educational path.
  • Multiple experiences: the participant of a young talent programme (a trainee) gets the chance to experience enriching moments by practicing minimal 2 different positions within the company. A position is held for minimal 3 months and a maximum of 2 years. A successful trainee can fulfil project based and regular positions.
  • Education: a young talent program contains structured moments of training and development. Training is given by professionals from the employer or by specialized agencies. About 10-15% of the total programme duration is spent on training. It is less important whether the training is organised in multiple educational modules or in one specific period. The training and development opportunities for trainees can be expert training or training in a specific profession (for those trainees that follow a young talent program for specialists) or more general training (for those trainees active in general management traineeships).
  • Coaching: Trainees have an advisor or external coach. A direct manager, colleague with experience or someone without a direct operational link to the day to day activities assist the trainees in their career management. A personal development plan and periodic review sessions are standard parts of the better young talent programmes.
  • Duration: a graduate program has a clear begin and end date.
Different ascpects of a traineeship: duration, department familiarity, personal branding, balanced projects, international aspect, performance appraisal, training & development, mentorship, return on investment

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