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Type traineeships

The market of young talent programmes is diverse. Different types of young talent programmes exist. Our 2010 survey reveals that General Management and Sales & Marketing traineeships take 45% of the market of young talent programmes. Third in the market are Financial Management traineeships.

Type traineeships: general management, salen & marketing, financieel management, project management, technisch, supply chain, informatie technologie, personeelsbeleid, rechten

The percentages are based on the total population of 325 trainees and ex-trainees of 56 different companies.

Each type of young talent programmes is different and has a particular objective. Large companies often organize multiple young talent programmes according to the core domains of their business. When you apply for a young talent programme, try to think upfront why your potential employer organizes the programme that you apply for.

As young talent, it is interesting to know that it is a common practice in the market to assign different programme managers to each programme. When this is the case, our research shows that every aspect of each programme might be different, even within the same company. Each programme manager tries to adapt the training and development opportunities, personal branding and projects to make their programme unique. This is a good thing, but if you want to start a sales & marketing traineeship in company "Talentcomp", it can be misleading to talk to general management trainees of "Talentcomp". Their programme can be very different from the sales & marketing programme. Next to these differences, different young talent programmes in the same company often share the same vision with regard to performance appraisal, salary policies and company culture.

Trainees in the European market are most satisfied with the young talent programmes in General Management, Supply Chain and Sales & Marketing. They also indicate a clear room for improvement for the Technical & Project Management programmes. Technical young talent programmes generally lack a good mentorship, international exposure, interesting project opportunities, a transparent link between performance and rewards and an important return on investment at the end of the programme. If you want to start in a technical programme, please pay attention to these topics. During the application procedure you will have enough opportunities to discuss about it.

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