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Definition of a traineeship/young graduate program

The words 'traineeship' and 'young graduate program' are hot nowadays. A lot of companies name a starters function too easily a traineeship to boost the image of the vacancy. However, to be considered a traineeship on the Become A Trainee website, the vacancy needs to fulfil certain characteristics.

Type of traineeships

There is quite some structural difference between all the traineeships / graduate pograms that are offered. For example, the duration can be anywhere between 1 or 3 years. But what do these differences imply for the program?

Who is the ideal candidate for a traineeship?

What kind of high potentials are the companies that offer a traineeship / graduate program looking for? Depending on the type of traineeship this can vary a lot. However, there are some base characteristics that all the companies are looking for.

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