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Accreditation for graduate programmes

Quality label Best Traineeships 2015

Similar to last year, Become A Trainee collaborated with de Heer consulting to assess traineeships and provide accreditations. By participating in the 'Best Traineeship Benelux 2015' competition, companies can ask to make a thorough analysis of their graduate programmes. The programmes that comply with certain standards are given the accreditation.

The winners of the accreditation of 2015 are known! Click here to view the winners.

More than 200 management traineeships!

All Management Traineeships from Europe

Our database contains more than 200 management traineeships (from sales to finance traineeships) that are offered within Europe. All traineeships

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Management Traineeship candidates

Candidates for Young Graduate Program

What kind of profiles are companies looking for to fil in their young graduate program vacancies? Depending on the type of program, this can vary a lot. Still there is a clear trend in the recruitment of trainees.

Read here what the 'typical' profile of a management trainee is. Do you fit this profile? Read more

The job interview

How to prepare for your job interview

Congratulations, you are invited for a job interview. But what to do now? How can you best prepare yourself for the interview? Which skills will the recruiter look for and how do you show that you have the right capacities?

However, as a candidate you must also assure that you are well informed about the vacancy. Challenge the recruiter with several crucial questions to assure that your management traineeship posses all the required characteristics. Read more

Did you know?

The 'Did you know' movie gives an interesting view on the upcoming War for Talent. It shows the demographic changes that will happen in the future.

New generations of working people ('Generation Y'), new technologies, new trends,... ask for new methodologies and company cultures. Only a few companies are able to catch up with them.

Become A Trainee: The only portal with more than 150 graduate programs offered in Europe!

Here you get a clear and complete overview of what the world of graduate programs has to offer you as young high potential. Become A Trainee is created for graduating students and young potentials with a maximum of 2 year working experience! Register now totally free of charge and discover all functionalities!

Become A Trainee is also a research center for talent development programs. Our extensive market knowledge and continuous research allows us to assess, compare and improve traineeships.

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