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Are you aware of the strong parts and areas of improvement of your young talent program? Benchmarking your young talent management program allows you to pinpoint the weak spots of your traineeship and to focus your attention when improving the quality of the program.

Our benchmarking tool holds up-to-date traineeship market data of more than 300 (ex-)trainees from 56 companies, 13 countries and 9 sectors. As we question on 9 topics, we ensure that we investigate all relevant aspects of young graduate programs.

How does it work?

We apply the following process when benchmarking traineeships:

  1. A group of at least 10 (ex)-trainees of your company are identified to participate in the benchmark. We strongly advise to provide a group of participants that is as much as possible diversified (trainees and ex-trainees, different backgrounds, different types of traineeships, etc.).
  2. The participants fill in an online survey that has both Importance - Reality statements and quantitative questions.
  3. Become A Trainee processes the answers anonymously and compares this to the total population of our database.
  4. We prepare and present you a report that details your score on every topic and statement, comparison to total population and hands-on tips to improve your talent management program.

The result

The benchmarking report of more than 85 pages details out visually the improvement areas for your Young Talent programme.


We offer following options for benchmarking:

  1. Light Benchmark: at least 10 (ex)-trainees of your company fill in our online survey questioning on 9 topics. Become A Trainee analyzes the results, provides a detailed report and present this to you during a 2h meeting.
    Price: 1999 euro
  2. Full Benchmark: at least 10 (ex)-trainees of your company fill in our online survey questioning on 9 topics. Become A Trainee analyzes the results and spends 3 days on site to perform face-to-face interviews with your (ex)-trainees to further detail out areas applicable for improvement. During that period we also facilitate workshop(s) to get a 360 degrees view of your traineeship. The result is a detailed report and roadmap with hands-on tips for improvement which will be presented to you in a 2h meeting.
    Price: 3999 euro

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